Our service is a key part of your home marketing plan...


Most sellers can’t justify paying $400 for a “pre-listing” home inspection. But many get caught off-guard by the buyer’s home inspection. Recently, one seller gave up $4,680 for repairs that cost only $1,565.


Never give the buyer the first opportunity to find defects in your home. We’ll take you on a tour of your home to find defects that worry buyers and home inspectors, and we advise you on how to fix things.


Even if you don’t want to fix anything, you’ll have the chance to get repair quotes to avoid an unfair price reduction. Best of all, our service is affordable. That’s how we fit into your home marketing plan!

Pricing is by approximate size of your home
under 1,500 sq.ft.
1,500 to 1,999 sq.ft.
2,000 to 2,999 sq.ft.
more than 3,000 sq.ft.
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HST extra. If your home is problem-free, we’ll lower our fee to $69 and you get peace of mind!
This is a great service! I used it on my own listing and they found a few things that needed attention. I got great advice and followed it. I plan to use the service for every listing that I have from now on.
Althea Brown, Broker of Record, Next Wave Real Estate, brokerage  
The problem-solving tour of our home was great. We found a small moisture problem and a few minor flaws. We took a weekend to fix most of the small stuff ourselves. The buyer’s home inspection went smoothly, no real surprises. If you’re selling, it’s crazy not to use this service.
Mary-Beth Kyer, Ottawa  
This is a real game-changer. I used to wait for buyer’s home inspection to find out if my properties had problems. Not anymore, I can make repairs before I put a property on the market and avoid price reductions too. And their service fee is more than reasonable. It saves me money.
Bill Acker, Real Estate Investor  
How does it work?

staff list The best way to tell you about our service is like this ...

  1. Our service is priced to be affordable for every seller. Our fee pays itself off every time, whether you’re saving time and money on repair work or else avoiding an unfair price reduction in the selling price of your home.
  1. Our background is in home repair and we’ve been through thousands of homes. On top of that, we track the training that home inspectors take, especially on defect recognition. We point out flaws and defects in your home and provide clear advice on how to repair things.
  1. We take you on a tour of your home. It covers your home’s exterior walls and outer foundation and grading, the attic, the basement and inner foundation, and each room in your home. To find flaws or defects in your roofing system, we use a pole-pixie to check the attic for moisture penetration points.
  1. During the tour, we show you that not all flaws need repair and we help figure out what you can or can’t fix on your own. Even if you don't want to repair anything, you at least have the opportunity to get repair quotes in order to avoid an unfair price reduction. You’ll save time and money.
  1. Please allow a one-hour window for our arrival (traffic plays a big role in our arrival time).

When the tour is over, you’ll be a step ahead of the buyer.

You will also be better prepared for the buyer’s home inspection.

Just as important, you’ll know what’s involved in making repairs to your next home!


Does your home have flaws?

Every home has flaws, even new homes.

home marketing tour Buyers are especially worried about moisture issues because they cause wood rot, mold growth, and other serious conditions.

Even small holes that leak into the attic, or cracks around doors & windows, or leaky plumbing pipes, or hairline cracks in the foundation, can cause a lot of damage over time.

When the buyer’s home inspector suspects a moisture issue, they almost always advise further investigation. This delays the sale of your home and may lead to a price reduction demand or, worse, the buyer may walk away from the sale.

Whenever we find a flaw in your home, we give you clear repair advice. You’ll see that some flaws need repair and some don’t. Moreover, we’ll show you that many flaws can be repaired for very little money. We also help figure out what you can and can’t fix on your own.

Even if you don’t want spend any money on home repair, at least you have the opportunity to get repair quotes. If the buyer demands a price reduction, you won’t have to give away more money than needed.

With our service, you and your REALTOR® will be better prepared for the buyer’s demands.


Should you hire a home inspector instead?

home marketing specialist When you’re buying a home, it makes perfect sense to hire a home inspector.

But if you’re selling a home, our service makes much more sense.

Here’s why...

Home Inspection
Home inspectors spend a lot of their time developing an inspection report that describes the home being inspected (type of foundation, type of electrical service, type of insulation, etc.). This is very useful for buyers, but not very useful to sellers.

Home inspectors also look for flaws and defects in order to describe the overall condition of the home. But most home inspectors don’t offer specific repair advice. Also, they don’t deal with what they call aesthetic or cosmetic issues, that is, the “look & feel” of your home. But this is very important to buyers - if they aren’t attracted to your home, it doesn’t matter if your home is problem-free.

Our Service
We don’t spend time developing an inspection report that describes your home. Instead, we get right down to business - we find flaws and defects and give you clear advice on how to fix them. We also tell you which flaws need or don’t need repair (not all flaws need repair). Moreover, we help figure out what you can or can’t fix on your own. And even if you don’t want to repair anything, you at least have the opportunity to get repair quotes as a way to avoid an unfair price reduction. Our goal is to help make your home even more attractive to buyers without you having to spend a lot of time and money doing it. That is why we think our service is better than a home inspection. And that’s the kind of service sellers want from us.

The title “home inspector” doesn't fit what we do, and have no interest in doing home inspections.

A better title for us is “home marketing specialist” because we focus on home repairs that make your home even more attractive to buyers. And making your home even more attractive to buyers is a key part of any home marketing plan.

Both on price and value, our service makes more sense.